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Build a green home without compromising building performance and budgets by using CalStar sustainable building products. CalStar is an environmentally conscious manufacturer whoe mission is to help architects and builders reduce the energy and CO2 footprint of their projects. Using advanced technology, CalStar is able to manufacture products that contain 40% post-industrial recycled material using 90% less energy, generating 90% less CO2 than traditional fired clay brick and pavers.

That quality of CalStar brick is equivalent to other traditionally made building products with the advantage of remaining price competitive. Customers can incorporate CalStar green bricks into their projects without sacrificing budget or building performance.

CalStar's fly ash bricks and pavers have been recognized by Architectural Record as one of the outstanding new building products of the year and Editor's Pick in the Concrete, Masonry, and Exterior Improvements category.

Fly Ash Brick

CalStar Fly Ash Brick is smooth textured and comes in an earth-tone color palette, including tan, brown, tangerine, dark and light red, and gray. Fly Ash Brick is the best choice for customers who want their building project to reflect their commitment to sustainability.

Holland Fly Ash Paver

The Holland Fly Ash Paver has a velvety smooth texture and comes in the same colors as the Fly Ash Brick. Made with 40% recycled content, CalStar pavers have an 85% lower CO2 footprint versus a concrete paver.

How much of a difference would a 400 sq ft patio project using CalStar Holland Ash Pavers have on the environment?

  • Avoids nearly 2 tons of landfill
  • Reduces CO2 emissions: 2,565 lbs vs clay, and 940 pounds vs concrete
  • Saves energy: 5,020 kwh vs clay, and 295 kWh vs concrete

The Holland Fly Ash Paver comes in one size in tumbled and standard finishes.

Energy Star
Did you know?
Some people think that building a brick home will cause them to go beyond their budget. Fact is, a brick home usually costs only 3-5% more to build than a vinyl siding home, but over the long term, it actually saves money in maintenance.
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