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Old Carolina Brick hand moulds each brick before firing it with coal to provide the beautiful bisques and unique colors identical to early American style brick. Committed to quality and authenticity, Old Carolina handmade brick guarantees a unique appearance unequaled by conventional machine made brick. Each handmade brick reflects the craftsmanship and lasting beauty of products made by Old Carolina. Old Carolina bricks are ideal for residential homes and remain a brick that professionals trust.

Old Carolina brick comes in many elegant, hand-molded styles including:

  • Gold Hill Colonial
  • Fort Sumter
  • Low Country
  • Bessemer Grey
  • Charlestowne
  • Georgetowne
  • Jamestowne
  • Chatsworth
  • Londontowne
  • Park Ridge
  • Savannah Gray
  • Tyron
  • Savannah Grey Clinkers
  • Williamstowne
  • Fort Sumter Pavers

Click the links below to see how Old Carolina Bricks add an element of antique, colonial style to modern residential properties.


Park Ridge

Savannah Grey


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Did you know?
Some people think that building a brick home will cause them to go beyond their budget. Fact is, a brick home usually costs only 3-5% more to build than a vinyl siding home, but over the long term, it actually saves money in maintenance.
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