Hanson Architectural Commercial Brick

Hanson Architectural Brick

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With an outstanding selection of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, our architectural product line takes choice to the next level.

Sizes and Coursing Charts





Modular Queen

Modular Engineer

Other sizes available include:

  • King
  • Utility
  • Norwegian
  • Norman
  • 6" Jumbo
  • Wall Unit
  • Big John
  • Western King
  • Ogden King
  • 8" Jumbo
  • Texas Stone
  • White Splitface
  • Ogden Modular
  • Hillstone
  • Executive
  • River Rock

Comparison and Coursing Calculator

Use this camparison and coursing calculator to calculate how many bricks your job requires:

Technical Literature

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Energy Star
Did you know?
Some people think that building a brick home will cause them to go beyond their budget. Fact is, a brick home usually costs only 3-5% more to build than a vinyl siding home, but over the long term, it actually saves money in maintenance.
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