Green Initiatives

Our Green Initiatives

Green homes have less negative impact on the environment by saving energy and reducing waste, particularly during construction, but Clay Ingels supports the green building trend for reasons that go far beyond saving the environment. Green homes translate into utility savings, improved indoor air quality and less overall maintenance.

More and more homeowners are leaning toward the very real benefits of living in a green home. That’s why green homes are expected to make up 10% of new home construction by 2010. Are you going green?

Find out more about going green at the U.S. Green Building Council at

CalStar Products develops, manufactures and sells low-energy, low-CO2 green building products for commercial exteriors and hardscapes. CalStar uses advanced technology to make architectural facing bricks and durable pavers for the green building market. Both products contain 40% post-industrial recycled material, use 90% less energy to make, and generate 90% less CO2 than traditional fired clay brick and pavers. Find out more at

Energy Star
Did you know?
Some people think that building a brick home will cause them to go beyond their budget. Fact is, a brick home usually costs only 3-5% more to build than a vinyl siding home, but over the long term, it actually saves money in maintenance.
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