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Pine Hall Brick has provided quality residential brick to customers for over 85 years. Today, it offers 100 different types of face brick, pavers and special shape brick for veneer wall and paving projects.

CityCobble Series

City Cobble is rumbled and offers a cobblestone look in a genuine clay paver.



English Edge

For sand-based applications, trust English Edge, the ultimate interlocking paver. English Edge pavers are easy to install and will last a lifetime. Made from hardened Triassic shale, this paver features beveled edges on both sides for easy installation. Spacer nibs enure no edge chippage, even on driveways. All pavers are high strength and have low water absorption.



Dark Accent


Gardenwalk Series

A "hybrid" thickness paver that has bevels on one side and straight edges on the other. Lay them on the beveled side for a pristine look or on the straight side for a more traditional style.





Old Series

Looking for a brick with an antique look but desire the long-term durability of modern manufacturing? The Pine Hall Old Series offers the look you want and permanence you need. Create a rustic appearance for any sidewalk, patio, or driveway with this high strength paver.

Old Towne


Old Mill


Permeable Clay Pavers

RainPave Permeable Clay Pavers are rumbled and available in Red and Full Range.

StormPave Permeable Clay Pavers look like traditional English Edge Pavers.




Tumbled after firing to recreate an old world look, rumbled clay pavers have a cobblestone look of a paver that's been around for centuries.



Traditional Edge

For a brick that offers a classic look at an attractive price, look no further than Pine Hall Traditional Edge square edge pavers. These square pavers can be laid in sand or mortar and provide long-term durability and beauty.



Traditional Edge - Thin

Remodeling over an existing concrete patio or sidewalk, but don't require the regular thickness of a traditional paver? Traditional Edge Thin 1 3/8" pavers offer a solution. Like the Traditional Edge pavers, they can be laid in sand or mortar and provide long-term durability and beauty.



Energy Star
Did you know?
Some people think that building a brick home will cause them to go beyond their budget. Fact is, a brick home usually costs only 3-5% more to build than a vinyl siding home, but over the long term, it actually saves money in maintenance.
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